iPhone Screen Repair Wexford

Why Choose i-Repair

There are plenty of repair companies to choose from when it comes to having your iPhone repaired. i-Repair Wexford can promise great service, with a fantastic 12 month guarantee on all repairs.

How is this you ask? Very simple! At i-Repair, we use only original Apple replacement parts, ensuring quality, stability and long lasting performance from the repair.

Repair Options & Length

Depending on the workload at the time of the booking, your repair can take anything up to 2 hours, although it is usually within 1 hour. We offer a free collect and return service within Wexford Town in case you cannot drop the phone out to us.

We offer a large range of repair services. If you do not see your repair below, please contact us to obtain a quote.

iPhone Repair Pricing (Drop off or Town Collection)

  • iPhone Screen Replacement

  • iPhone Home Button Replacement

  • iPhone Power Button Replacement

  • iPhone Charging Port Replacement

  • iPhone Battery Replacement

  • iPhone Earspeaker Replacement

  • iPhone Back Casing Replacement

  • iPhone Back Casing Replacement

  • iPhone Back Casing Replacement