Samsung Screen Repair Wexford

Repairing Your Device

Do you have broken glass on your Samsung Phone? Are you looking for a Samsung screen repair in Wexford? Repairing your Samsung device is a specialised task. One that should be completed by a professional. Some companies will only repair the LCD and glass together, which can double the cost of your repair.

Unlike iPhones, most Samsung devices have the digitizer (touch screen) located between the LCD and the Glass. This means that when you have shattered glass on the front of your Samsung device, in most cases all that it requires is the glass to be replaced.

What Repair Do I Need?

The repair you will require for your Samsung phone can be diagnosed by checking if the LCD is displaying an image on your phone. If this is the case and if the touch response is still working underneath the broken glass, this would mean that only the front glass needs to be replaced.

If you are having other issues with your Samsung device other than a broken screen, please contact us to see if we can help you!

Samsung Screen Repair Wexford

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